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Why the Art of Moulding?
1. Lifetime workmanship guaranteed. We stand behind our product and we'll repair any cracks that result from the original installation by our team of professionals at no additional charge. Other contractors install the moulding and walk away from the job with no guarantee of workmanship.

2. We glue all cut corners and seams prior to installation to ensure no cracks happen due to the expansion or contraction of the product due to weather conditions.Most contractors don't glue the corners or seams because they don't know how to.

3. Our knowledgeable and experienced designers will work with you to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary with the right architectural trim for your home. Most contractors install generic moulding that does not enhance the beauty of your home.

4. Your home and its possessions are important to us and that's why we move and protect your furniture while our professional installers are working in your home/ There is no additional charge for this service. Other contractors may require you to move the furniture or charge you to do so.

5. Our team of installers do not enter your home wearing dirty work boots. They are mindful to remove their shoes and wear booties to protect your hardwood floor or carpeting. Some contractors are careless and tread throughout your home wearing dirty work boots.

6. The painting of all architectural trim is done offsite ( in our warehouse Paint Booth ) to guarantee a smooth and even finish, keep your home clean and avoid harmful paint fumes. There is no additional charge to paint the finished product. Other Contractors do Onsite painting is messy, extends the length of the job and adds to the cost of the project if you are required to hire a painter.

7. We've developed a business relationship with one of the best factories in California allowing us to purchase product in volume and at a reduced rate. We pay less. You pay less. Other contractors purchase materials on a job-by-job basis form their local retail store which adds to the cost of materials.

8. We believe using quality materials produces a quality product. The materials we use are made specifically for moulding and trim. Wood materials are used when the homeowner want the grain of the wood to shine through. Other contractor may use foam or plastic moulding to save money. Unfortunately, these inferior products can crack and destroy the appearance of your home.

9. Your time is valuable and that's why we start the project on time and complete the job in a timely manner. We guarantee it! Most contractors secure a deposit and work on their own clock.

10. Why the Art of Moulding? Because we believe moulding is art.

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