Art of Moulding product and service Policy:
1. We have performed and enhanced hundreds and hundreds of homes in Southern California every year.

2. First before anything else, we love to build on our business relationship with our clients.

3. For example: One of our clients called us and brought to our attention that their new home had settled and had caused cracks at the corners of their crown moulding we installed for them. Here is the action we took to resolve the issue: With our team traveling from home to home, we sent the team we had closest to the clients location. They had the problem fixed in an hour. We are more than happy to keep our clients satisfied.

4. We have had clients spending 30k-60k on coffered ceilings, wainscoting, arches, crown, baseboard mouldings and other work. The question is: What happens if a home settles or an earthquake causes cracks at the seams.

- Our answer: It's covered! We will make any repairs and make it look just like before with no extra charge.

5. Happy clients are our mission and a major part of our business plan.

6. Lifetime workmanship guarantee/warranty: We stand behind our product and we'll repair any cracks that result from the original installation by our team of professionals at no additional charge. Other contractors install the moulding and walk away from the job with a limited or no guarantee of workmanship.

Our policy:

1. Any seams opened or cracks.

2. We use the best quality paint but should a problem arise or a space be shown, we will be responsible to fix it.

3. We use the best quality caulking from Dunn-Edward or Sherwin Williams stores and should a problem arise with the caulking, we will be responsible to fix it.

These scenarios we have seen are far and few in between.

Door replacement policy:

1. If the door hinges become loose we will go back to adjust them free of charge.

2. If the door or the weather contracting & expending caused the door to not open or close correctly, we will back to adjust or fix it with no extra charge.

3. If the paint were to peel, we are responsible to get the door, jamb or the casing and fix or replace it.

4. We have seen many contractors install the casing on the door-jambs and not use wood-glue in the casing's corners. This glue ensures that in the future, their will not be any cracks or cause an opening. We take this extra step to prevent possible problems. If any cracks were to appear, we are responsible to go back to fix it.

What in our policy are not cover:

1. If the damaged came from the client, for example; Furniture was moved, pet damaged, human error or accidents

2. If any other contractor with different skills or the same skill worked there and caused to damaged our moulding / doors.

3. We believe that our clients are investing money in their home to make it look wonderful. We stand behind our excellent workmanship and guarantee/warranty for a lifetime. The additions performed is an artwork that will last a lifetime and will continue to make our clients happy and to have a peace of mind.

Message from the Owner:

If I were a client, I would go with a company who will perform quality work and also provides a guarantee for a lifetime. I would invest money to make the interior of my home look wonderful and if something were to happen in the future, I would want to know that it would be taken care of by the same company who did the work and is familiar with what was done. Art of Moulding' Team Love Clients
We use only the best materials combined with superb quality craftsmanship to create the finest finishing touches for truly luxurious living and working environments. Our installations have increased the value of hundreds of Southern California homes and houses.

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