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Fully insured

We know that there are many home owners who have had problems with other contractors or companies who had poor work, quality and service. These other companies perform work and are never heard from again when problems arise. At Art of Moulding, we strongly believe that our work is an art. It's not just the pictures or the statues on the walls, art is active into any beautiful thing that is done right and we love to create it for our clients. Here are a few questions we have been asked by our clients.

1) What if I gave you the deposit and your company goes out of business? Since we offer a service that adds so much value to homes, we have been in business for more then 20 years and continue to see growth in the company due to our expanding business and clients. These clients understand the value of our services and know that their investment is also an investment for a lifetime. However, if it's something you are worried about, you can have peace of mind knowing we have a bond insurance policy which will refund your down payment if the business was no longer running. We only ask for the 10% down payment to ensure the time we booked for the customer to start the work and order the materials, paint them and prep work is ready for installation. We will not ask the client for a payment during the work. The final payment will be requested once the job is completed and the customer is satisfied.

2) What happens if one of your employees is injured during the work in my home. While we don't anticipate something were to happen, just in case, we are have all of our workers insured. This is to protect our team and our client properties. Our concern and focus is always on our clients.
Homes and properties are valuable and we care, as much as you if something were to happen especially caused by our team. We have trained our team to be very careful while they are working in or out of a home. We ask our team to treat everything as if it were their own. However, this is another reason we carry more insurance then required by law to protect us and you.
We are a fully insured/coverage business which includes our team and clients. We would be more than happy to provide a copy of our insurance if requested for your peace of mind. Finally, because we have a higher standard then most businesses in our same line of work, we do not subcontract out for work. With our staff, we know the experience of each and they know our high standards of quality. We choose not to risk our reputation by subcontracting out.

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Serving Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, Orange County, and San diego County, in Southern California.
Tel: 800.556.3771

Contractor State Licence Board #954000
Workers' Compensation This license has workers compensation insurance with the FALLS LAKE FIRE AND CASUALTY COMPANY Policy Number FLA003652
Contractor's Bond This license filed Contractor's Bond number 30030370 with the bonding company: HUDSON INSURANCE COMPANY.

General liability insurance This license has general liability insurance with the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Policy number BKS60766078

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